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Long time without updates, right? We worked hard in recent months to release a big summer update with new features, codecs, formats, and crucial bug fixes. Here is what we added.

Smooth motion in visuals

Smooth the curve of a motion with Bézier Curve or Curved Arrow. Find both in the Effects folder in AVS Video Editor.

Add HEIC images

HEIC is an image format used on Apple devices, such as iPhone and iPad. With the same quality as JPEG it requires about 50% less space on your smartphone or tablet.

Import HEIC pictures from mobile devices and add them to your projects in AVS Video Editor on Windows 7, 8, 10.

Use free AVS Image Converter to convert HEIC images to other popular formats (JPEG, PNG, TIFF etc.).

Open and import OPUS audio

From this version, AVS4YOU software supports OPUS audio files in MKV and WEBM videos. OPUS is a royalty-free lossy audio standard that delivers a high sound quality at low bitrates.

Edit and convert MKV and WEBM footages with audio encoded using OPUS or import sound from such videos in AVS Audio Editor.

Produce high-quality videos

Work with AVI files compressed using H.265/HEVC, the most sophisticated video codec in 2021. Edit and save MP4/MOV/MKV/AVI files encoded with H.265 in AVS Video ReMaker. The highest quality remains.

This codec is used for producing 4K videos and live streaming by popular content makers on the Internet. Clips keep the image quality to the standards.

Try improved screen capture

We enhanced the screen capture performance and now it runs much faster. The default format is now AVI, which guarantees better visual quality and synchronization of video and audio.

Use updated presets

We added new screen capture presets with 30 fps for video and 48000 Hz for audio. Many clips and tunes over the web use these parameters, for example the Instagram app.

HD/FHD/4K slideshow presets are updated for MOV, MP4 and MKV in AVS Video Editor.

In this version, we fixed many minor bugs and enhanced usability to ensure better experience when working in AVS4YOU software. Get updated to try all new features yourself!

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