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Watermark in AVS4YOU

Internet is prone to data breaches and impersonation — the major British cyber security provider IT Governance reports in the blog 116 billion cases worldwide in May 2021 only. Your videos are intellectual property and you definitely do not want them to be distributed under someone‘s name.

How to make sure your authorship is secured? One of the most common ways is to apply a watermark.

What is a watermark

You could see watermarks on banknotes or postage stamps — they are signs that become visible when light falls on them. These signs verify authenticity of the banknote and let you know it is not a fake one.

Digital watermarks are somewhat similar. They can be visible signs on an image or in a video file. Audio tracks usually have short repetitive voice recordings that restrict commercial use.

How to add watermarks in AVS Video Editor

Prepare an image watermark you want to use in a video before you follow the steps below.Upload your video to AVS Video Editor and make necessary edits.

1. Switch to the Image category and click on Import to select an image with your watermark.

2. Drag‘n‘drop the image to the Timeline.
3. If you want viewers to see a watermark during the whole video, place the watermark to the beginning of your video and pull it to the right.

4. Change the position and duration of a watermark to your liking.

5. Click on Edit Overlay and adjust the transparency of a watermark. Here you can also rotate it, change its size and position.

6. Preview and save your video as usual.

Need to secure your videos on the Internet? Start using AVS Video Editor today — click the button below!

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