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What is the smallest video format?

Among numerous video file formats out there, MP4 is believed to have the best quality at possibly smaller size. In this article, we’ll explore whether it’s true and which extension is the best for having a lightweight output movie.

Any video can be converted into another format to compress size using free software, such as AVS Video Converter.

What is the smallest video format?

There’s no format that by definition produces smaller files. The size depends on multiple factors, such as codecs, compression ratio, resolution, quality etc.

Most likely, a smaller file means less authentic quality. If you need an impressive watching experience, don’t reduce the video size. But smaller clips are always suitable for sharing via Internet — even with a slower Internet connection.

Still, before converting to another format you need to make sure that your device or software is compatible with the output extension.

Is MKV smaller than MP4?

MKV (Matroska Multimedia Container) supports additional features and unlimited number of audio and subtitle tracks in one file. This is why MKV files are often larger than MP4 clips and scarcely used on mobile devices.

However, codec plays the key role here. If MKV uses a sophisticated codec with a higher compression ratio, the output file can be smaller than MP4. The overall quality and resolution are the same or even better than in MP4.

Is WebM smaller than MP4?

The WebM format was initially designed for sharing clips on the Internet. Logically, such videos have more compression and lose some of the original quality. But WebM is definitely smaller in size than MP4 movies.

WebM is the best idea if you need to quickly share a video over the web, while details and exclusive watching experience is not the top priority for your audience.

Is AVI smaller than MP4?

AVI is always noticeably larger than MP4 videos. This format is one of the most suitable for full-length movies and perfect watching experience. Such quality is achieved by using less compression than in other extensions. AVI video files can actually be lossless.

Is MOV smaller than MP4?

MOV is a video format developed by Apple and believed to have the better quality than MP4 due to less compression used during encoding. Hence, MOV is usually larger in size.

This format is a good choice if the clip will be played back on Mac.

Is FLV smaller than MP4?

Some of us remember the Adobe Flash Video format (FLV). It’s quality is reportedly equal, but sometimes just a bit larger in size than MP4 videos. Besides, FLV has been outdated for some years now, so if you want to share clips on the Internet consider converting FLV to other popular extensions.

Is WMV smaller than MP4?

Developed by Microsoft in 1999, WMV is the format which many users worldwide still prefer for videos. WMV is frequently smaller than MP4 and saves a good video quality.

We’ve reviewed the most popular alternatives to MP4 nowadays. The best options for saving disc space are WebM and WMV. But bear in mind that quality can be lower than expected.

How to make video smaller in size?

In any free video converter, you can change a format of your movie to make it smaller and easier to share. Here’s how it works in AVS Video Converter.

  • Upload a file to AVS Video Converter.
  • Choose the output format on the main toolbar, for example WebM.
  • (Optional) Open Profile and apply the desired parameters for a video from the dropdown list.

You can select presets for devices like iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, services like YouTube or Vimeo, or just choose the necessary video and  audio quality.

  • Click Convert now!

By clicking the Open folder button after conversion, you’ll find an output video file.

Get AVS Video Converter today — it’s free:

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