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3 Easy Ways to Add a Picture to a Video

One of the most frequently asked questions in clip editing from beginners is how to put a picture on a video. Whether as an overlay or a simple frame, images are often used in short clips and full-length movies.

Today we’ll explore how to insert a picture into a video. Many popular multimedia editing apps out there support this option on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.

Add picture to video on Windows

AVS Video Editor is one of the best apps to work with photos in your clips on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

How to add an image in the video:

Step 1. Open Media Library —> Image.

Step 2. Drag’n’drop the desired file to the first track of the Timeline.

How to overlay a picture on a video:

Step 1. Open Media Library —> Image.

Step 2. Place the file to the Video Overlay line.

How to make a video and picture collage:

Step 1. Select any image from the Background tab and drag’n’drop it to the Timeline.

Step 2. Right-click the overlay line and choose Add line to duplicate it.

Step 3. Add each video or picture for your collage to a new overlay line.

Step 4. Move and resize files on the screen to your liking.

Try more features in AVS Video Editor today — just follow the link below:

Add picture to video on Mac

Apple provides users with the free editing software iMovie. Usually, you have it pre-installed on any iMac and Macbook. Here is how to overlay a picture on a video in iMovie.

Step 1. Select an image and drag it above a video on the timeline. Release the mouse button when the green “+” icon appears.

Step 2. Choose Picture-in-Picture in the left-side drop-down menu.

Source: Apple

Step 3. Move and resize the image on the screen as you need.

iPhone / iPad

iMovie enables video editing capabilities on Apple smartphones and tablets too. Follow these steps to overlay a picture on video with iPhone.

Step 1. Upload the photo to the Library.

Step 2. Tap the photo —> More Options and choose Picture-in-picture.


Now you know how to add a picture to a YouTube video or holiday movie. Any popular multimedia suite has features to do it easily and quickly on Windows, Mac, and even mobile devices.

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