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How to make a custom alarm sound on iPhone and Android

Want to change the default alarm sound on your smartphone, so that pleasant music wakes you up every morning? Read this article to know how to do that on iPhone and Android devices.

Preparing your custom alarm sound

The first steps will be to pick the suitable audio file and make necessary edits.

Get your audio. You can record it, extract from a video, or just upload to a computer. AVS Audio Editor is one of the best apps to have the final sound ready.

Trim and edit the audio. Choose the length and the beginning position of your alarm sound in AVS Audio Editor. You’ll also probably want to normalize the volume levels in a recording.

Convert the audio to the compatible format, such as MP3 to AAC for iPhone. This is easy and free with AVS Audio Converter.

Now that you have a tune with the suitable extension, proceed to the guide for your device.

How to customize an alarm sound on iPhone

To set any desired song on iOS as the one you’ll hear in the morning, save the audio as ringtone first.

Step 1. Import MP3 or AAC to iTunes

Open the File menu and click Add to Library. Then, choose Open File and select your song.

Step 2. Edit and convert the audio

Skip this step if you’ve already trimmed and converted your sound to the compatible format with the free AVS Audio Converter for Windows.

iTunes also allows you saving audio in Apple’s native AAC format, as well as trimming.

Step 3. Upload the audio to iPhone via USB cable

After connecting your iPhone to a computer, proceed to the Finder/Explorer window and add the sound to ringtones. Make sure the audio track appears under Tones in the iTunes list.

Step 4. Set your song as an alarm sound

Open the Clock app and choose any Alarm in the corresponding tab. Tap Tune to see possible options. If you followed the previous steps, you’ll see a new ringtone in the list — your audio file.

Additionally, you can find ready-to-use sounds in iTunes.

How to make any song your alarm on Android

Unlike iPhones, Android smartphones have a comparatively easy way of setting a custom alarm tune.

Step 1. Upload any song from a computer to your Android device.

Step 2. Go to Clock -> Alarm sound -> Select ringtone.

Step 3. Tap the + icon and give necessary access to the storage.

Step 4. Find your tune and set it for the alarm. Choose to play from the beginning or just highlights.

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