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M4A dash to M4A in AVS Audio Converter

Youtube-dl is an open-source software to download music from YouTube videos and listen to it without Internet. But some media players cannot open M4A dash audio files from YouTube. In AVS Audio Converter you can change their format to M4A without quality loss.

Why choose M4A

M4A is less popular than some audio formats like MP3 or WAV, but definitely has strong points:

  • High audio quality
  • Standard for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
  • Supported by iTunes, Winamp, QuickTime, VLC etc.

Need to open M4A dash audio from YouTube? Convert it to M4A in free AVS Audio Converter!

How to convert to M4A

Follow these steps in AVS Audio Converter:

  1. Click on Add file to import M4A dash audio files.
  2. Choose M4A with a desired quality. The default choice is the best audio quality.
  3. Choose the output folder by clicking on Browse…
  4. Click Convert Now!
M4A dash to M4A in AVS Audio Converter

Choose Open Folder to find your M4A audio file.

Press Upload to save M4A on a mobile or USB flash drive.

M4A dash to M4A in AVS Audio Converter

Make audio files from YouTube compatible with your player in AVS Audio Converter!

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