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AVS Audio Editor balancing

Imagine a music teacher Jack who has a bunch of memorable audio recordings — Jack playing ragtime, his son‘s first guitar melodies and his wife singing Christmas songs. He wants to blend these recordings on one CD and present it on a family celebration.

Jack fused audio files and was disappointed by the result — ragtime music was really loud, guitar melody hard to be heard and Christmas songs were something in between.

In AVS Audio Editor that can be easily fixed by normalizing volume levels of your tracks. Let‘s see how.

Step 1. Open audio files for editing by clicking on the Open button on the Home tab. Find all necessary files and add them to AVS Audio Editor.

Step 2. Switch to the Effects tab and click the Batch button. In the appeared window leave all boxes unchecked except for Normalize*.

Step 3. Click on the Normalize effect and define the volume level. Choose OK and select songs where the effect should be applied.

Preview the result — if everything is right, save your audio file as usual. Now you can listen to music without changing volume for each track!

*The Normalize effect not in the list? Click on the Effects >> button and select Amplitude -> Normalize.

Try it out in the latest version of AVS Audio Editor:

Read more about normalizing the volume level in AVS Audio Editor.

More information about changing properties in the Normalize effect.

Still trouble getting started? Leave your questions in the comments or use our support contact form.