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Add Echo to audio

Today we‘ll apply the Echo effect to an audio — as the name says, it is supposed to repeat an audio segment after some (milli)seconds. If you‘re new to AVS4YOU, it probably can be tricky to find this effect. Here‘s how to do it step-by-step.

Step 1. Open an audio file in AVS Audio Editor and select the segment you want to repeat.

Step 2. On the Effects tab choose Echo/Delay. To apply the effect, use one of the available presets or configure the effect parameters manually.

AVS Audio Editor

The following Echo settings are available for editing:

  • Echo Level. Defines the volume of the echoed segment — move the slider to the right to make echo louder.
  • Delay Time. Sets the point in milliseconds at which echo starts behind the original signal.
  • Feedback – determines how much of the affected sound is sent back to the input to be processed again. Use it for multiple echoes.

Step 3. Click the Preview button to make sure that the changes are correct and then OK to apply the effect.

Easy done! Try out the last version of AVS Audio Editor:

Read more about applying effects in AVS Audio Editor in our knowledge centre.

Check the full list of supported audio formats.

Add the edited file as a soundtrack to your footage in AVS Video Editor.

Still trouble getting started? Leave your questions in the comments or use our support contact form.