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How to remove audio from video on Windows, Mac, and Mobile

Today we will be covering how to remove audio from video on different devices, including Windows and Mac computers, smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android. Another big topic we approach here is how to mute a video on YouTube or Instagram.

Before we jump into the explanations though, let us briefly overview common reasons to remove audio from video.

Why remove audio from a video?

Sometimes you want to delete an audio track from the original clip. Here are the two most popular purposes for that.

  • Apply own music or voiceover. To replace the sound in your movie with voice comments or favorite songs, you need to delete audio from the video.
  • Remove noise or background sounds. Humming or buzzing of the surroundings can ruin any charming recording. The way out is to cut out an audio track.

Bearing in mind the necessity to remove audio from video on Windows 10 and older versions, Mac, mobile devices, and popular social channels like YouTube or Instagram, any multimedia editing software enables such capability.

Remove audio VS mute video: What’s the difference?

In all well-known multimedia suites, the terms remove audio and mute video are used interchangeably. That is why some interfaces have the Mute option to delete sound from a movie.

In this article, we will refer to muting as the possibility to switch off the sound while watching a clip on YouTube, Instagram, or similar streaming services. In other words, you can change your mind and activate the sound again.

When we’ll talk about removing audio from video, we mean deleting the sound and saving an output file without it. In a new file, you aren’t able to switch on audio again. This option is what usually provided in editing software, whatever the feature is called. Likewise, you can extract audio from video and save an output track.

How to remove audio from video on Windows 10

Almost any worldwide known multimedia editing suite lets you remove audio from video on Windows.

AVS Video Editor

With an intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools, AVS Video Editor is one of the best ways of how to remove audio from video on Windows 10.

  • Drag the desired clip to the timeline.
  • Right-click the file on the timeline and choose Mute.
  • Save the output movie with the necessary parameters. Go to File -> Produce or just press Ctrl+P.

Apart from Windows 10, you can use AVS Video Editor to remove sound from videos on previous versions, including Windows 8, 7, XP, and Vista.

Get AVS Video Editor today and silent videos in a few clicks!

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a free and cross-platform player, which means it is also good for Linux machines and Mac. Here is how to remove audio from a video on Windows 10 using VLC.

  • Open Media and choose Convert / Save.
  • Click the Add button to find and select the desired file.
  • Click the Convert / Save button and hit the wrench icon.
  • Go to Audio codec and uncheck the box next to Audio.
  • Tap on Create, then choose the destination folder for a new file.
  • Choose Start to save a clip without audio.

VLC Media Player supports not only Windows 10, but also any older version of Windows starting from XP. There are installation options even for Windows 95/98/Me.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe is a professional proprietary solution for film production and editing. There are numerous tools and features for Windows and Mac users, including those for removing audio from video.

  • Select and right-click the layers for footage and sound, then choose Separate Audio.
Source: Adobe
  • Right-click the audio layer and choose Mute from the context menu.

Adobe provides customers with a full-stack multimedia suite, but you can also purchase Premiere Rush separately for $9.99 per month. The solution is used by filmmakers in studios internationally, but it is hardly affordable for anyone who just wants to remove audio from video.

Windows Video Editor

Video Editor is the successor of Microsoft’s most popular film editing app Movie Maker. The program is free and available on Windows 10.

  • Add the desired file to the library and place it on the storyboard.
  • Click the speaker icon to remove sound from a video file.
  • Click Finish video in the upper right corner to save the result.

Video Editor works on Windows 10 and later versions only. For Windows 8, 7, XP, or Vista alternative apps are required.

Remove audio from video on Mac

Apart from the above overviewed cross-platform solutions VLC Media Player and Adobe Premiere Pro, you can use native multimedia editing software and silent a clip on iMovie or use QuickTime.


iMovie is a free editor for high-quality clips on Apple devices, including iMac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. With an intuitive interface and dozens of useful tools, you will delete audio from video on Mac without extra effort.

  • When placed the desired file on the timeline, right-click it, and choose Detach Audio.
  • Right-click the green-colored audio layer, and select delete from the context menu.
Source: Apple
  • Go to File -> Share -> File to save an output movie on your computer or send it to friends.

For Mac users, iMovie is probably the best idea about how to remove audio from video free. If you have hardware from Apple, why ever search further?


Don’t want to get started with iMovie? That is how to remove sound from a video on iMac or MacBook using QuickTime, a free multimedia player offered by Apple.

  • Go to Edit -> Remove Audio and save the output file.
Source: Apple

Easy, right? This method is the right choice for anyone who wants to remove audio from video quickly without iMovie.

How to remove audio from a video on iPhone/iPad

With native mobile apps for iOS smartphones and tablets by Apple, you can remove audio from video without transferring the file to your Mac computer.


This free app is available on your mobile device too. The process is similar, but the interface is a bit different.

  • Open a movie in the app and click it.
  • Tap the scissors at the bottom of the screen (the Actions button).
Source: Apple
  • Click Detach.
  • Grab the blue-colored audio layer and drag it above the timeline. Release the layer when you see the smoke cloud.
Source: Apple

Alternatively, you can just click the soundtrack and choose Delete.

Another possible option to remove audio from video on an iOS device is the picture gallery. Many iPhone users believe that the Photos app is only a place for storing images and clips. In fact, there are many useful editing features available.

  • Open the file and tap Edit at the upper right corner of the screen.
Source: Apple
  • Deactivate the speaker icon at the upper left corner of the screen. The sound disappeared.
  • Choose Done to save an output file.


The free Clips app is pre-installed on each Apple mobile device, including iPhone and iPad. Here you can produce shorter clips with colorful text, augmented reality, Memoji, animated stickers, and much more. This format is good for TikTok and similar media channels.

In Clips, you can delete sound from an iPhone video in a few clicks.

  • Tap a clip and choose Mute.
Source: Apple
  • Save the video.

How to remove audio from video on Android

Android-based portable devices from Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and other vendors have a choice between the default Google Photos app and a variety of third-party apps for deleting sound from a video.

Google Photos
This app stores your images and recordings, but you can apply simple editing too. That is how to remove audio from video on Android devices with Google Photos.

  • Open a clip and choose Edit.
  • Tap the speaker icon to deactivate the sound.
  • Save the video.

Video Sound Editor

Another way to silent clips on an Android phone or tablet is to use Video Sound Editor.

  • Choose Mute Video and find the clip you want to remove sound from. Tap the checkmark in the upper right corner.
  • Move the borders of the video track to trim your clip.
  • Tap the checkmark once again to save the full video or the trimmed part without sound.

Google Play offers many alternative third-party apps to remove audio from video compatible with different Android versions.

How to mute YouTube video

On YouTube, you can disable sound in each video to watch it with subtitles in a silent place.

This method is very easy and useful anytime you do not want to disturb other people during playbacks, such as libraries or a midnight train.

  • Hover the mouse cursor over a video or tap it when watching YouTube on a mobile device.
  • Click the sound speaker icon.

Unfortunately, YouTube Studio does not have an option to remove audio from YouTube videos. If you want to upload a movie without audio and then add music from the library, use one of the suites for your operating system (Windows or Mac).

How to mute video on Instagram

Instagram lets users post clips without sound — they can be muted right on Instagram. Here is how to remove audio from clips on Instagram.

  • Pick a video from your library and tap Next.
  • Click the speaker icon at the top of the screen to deactivate the sound.

Now the video will be muted even if your viewers choose to turn on the sound. 

Final words

As you can see, there are many ways to remove audio from video on Windows 10, Mac, iPhone, Android, and even popular video-sharing platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram. In this article, we have made a short overview of the most popular software with this functionality.

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