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5 best HEIC to JPG converters

As an Apple device user, you probably know about the HEIC extension. This image format is indeed useful: with the same quality as JPEG it requires about 50% less space on your smartphone or tablet.

But there‘s a minor drawback about HEIC: not all devices support this format. To make sure that a shared photo will be available to recipients with any smartphone, use one of the HEIC to JPG converters from our list.

The best HEIC to JPG converter for Windows

AVS Image Converter is one of the best free options to change HEIC to JPG.

  • Upload your HEIC image to the app.
  • Choose To JPEG.
HEIC to JPG converter
  • Click on Convert Now!

To find your output JPEG image, click on Open folder in the popped-up window.

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The best converter for Mac

Preview is the native Apple software where you can turn HEIC photos to JPG for free.

  • Open your HEIC file in Preview.
  • Go to File ⇾ Export and select JPEG in the dropdown list.
  • Click Save.

There’s a good guide on the conversion process by Show Me on Mac:

Source: Show Me on Mac

For Android

The most Android devices doesn‘t shoot photos in HEIC. But if someone has send you a file of this format, you can use the Luma app to have an output JPG image.

  • Select HEIC files to upload them.
  • Save a picture as JPEG.
Source: Google Play

Alternatively, you can transfer files to your PC or Mac and proceed with format conversion there. Without ads or in-app purchases.

For iPhone

iOS devices are exactly where changing the image format to JPEG must be relevant. The software from Spicy Apps is perfect for this task.

  • Select HEIC files to upload them.
  • Save a picture as JPEG.

Again, if you have time and want to process images for free, in bulk, and without ads, consider using desktop apps for Windows or Mac.

The best HEIC to JPG converter online

Numerous free services over the web let you change HEIC to JPEG without installing third-party apps. Just one popular example is Convertio.

  • Drop files to the upload area. You can choose them from Dropbox or Google Drive too.
  • Click on Convert and wait until the process is complete.
  • Download the output JPEG file.

The online conversion also has disadvantages. You need to expose personal images to a web service, processing many images simultaneously requires stable Internet connection and time — free plan limits concurrent conversions to 25 only.

Frequent users may consider a subscription from $5.99/month.

How to set JPEG as a default photo format?

Starting from iOS 13, you can disable HEIC as a standard for images on your iPhone. Just go to Camera -> Formats and choose Most compatible.

Now you won‘t even need to convert HEIC photos each time!

Final words

HEIC is a nice format for storing pictures on a mobile device. Since the summer update 2021, you can add such photos to your projects in AVS Video Editor.

We‘ve collected some more interesting articles around working with images below.

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