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Adding Tilt-Shift Effect in AVS Video Editor

What is Tilt-shift

Tilt-shift is a technology that blurs corners of your video. It focuses viewers‘ attention on certain details. Professional photographers will think of tilt-shift lenses, but it is also a visual effect.

Photo by David McBee from Pexels

When is Tilt-shift used

Video makers may apply the tilt-shift effect to draw attention of the audience to important elements of the image. Look how the American insurance company Allstate used it in their TV commercial:

The message is clear. This video helps us focus on everything we need insurance for — cars, motorbikes, boats, real estate, and people‘s life.

Another way to use tilt-shift is timelapse. Such videos show quick motions on the same place. See the timelapse by Filippo Rivetti with blurred top and bottom. Looks vibrant, right?

Directors use tilt-shift in their films. It can express author‘s emotions and symbolize ideas as in The Social Network (2010) by David Fincher.

Have more ideas of creative tilt-shift usage? Share with us in the comments!

Good news — you can do such videos in AVS Video Editor. Let’s see how.

Tilt-shift in AVS Video Editor

Get AVS Video Editor and follow these steps to apply tilt-shift.

Step 1. Open AVS Video Editor and go to Video Effects -> Special.

Step 2. Find Tilt-shift and drag‘n‘drop it to a line for video effects. Regulate position and duration of the effect.

Here we go!

Get access to more video editing features in the latest version:

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