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How to restore blurred video using AVS Video Editor?


It might happen that after shooting fast moving objects, the video appears to be blurry, smudged and it's hard to distinguish details. You can easily solve this problem applying the Sharpen effect offered in the AVS Video Editor program.

Please read the How to start working with AVS Video Editor? guide to learn how to download and install the application, import your video and add it to the timeline.

After the video you want to edit is put on the timeline, please follow the steps below to apply the necessary video effect thus fixing your blurred video.

Step 1: Select the Sharpen effect and add it to the timeline

Sharpen effectTo restore blurred video you should use the Sharpen effect. It helps to bring into focus a blurry image by increasing the contrast of adjacent pixels.

To select this effect, press the Video Effects central button within the main window of AVS Video Editor. Then all of the available effects will be displayed within the Files and Effects Area. To find the necessary video effect more easily, you can select the Effect group from the effects groups displayed on the left.

How to restore blurred video using AVS Video Editor? Step 1

As soon as you find the Sharpen effect in the Files and Effects Area, you will need to add it to the timeline situated in the lower part of the program window. To do it right-click the Sharpen effect and choose the only available option of the express menu - Add or Replace Video Effect. After doing this the effect will be displayed on the timeline.

How to restore blurred video using AVS Video Editor? Step 1

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Step 2: Set the effect application area

The Sharpen effect will be placed at the cursor position on the timeline and will occupy the standard room within the video effects line. If you want to apply the effect to the entire video, you should change its duration. To do that highlight the effect by clicking it on the timeline and press the Duration button above the timeline. The following window will be opened:

How to restore blurred video using AVS Video Editor? Step 2

You can enter any value into this field within the total file duration, of course. To learn the exact duration of the file you are editing, look at the Preview Area situated on the right-hand side. Here you can see the total duration of the video file, as well as the current cursor position.

How to restore blurred video using AVS Video Editor? Step 2

To apply the video effect to the entire file, set this value within the Duration window. Then the effect will occupy the whole video effects line.

If only a part of your home video is blurry, you should apply the Sharpen effect to that certain part only. To do that exactly, use the Preview Area again to find the place in the video file, where this blurry part begins and ends. Please, first click the effect on the timeline with the left mouse button to highlight it. Then direct the mouse cursor to the left effect edge (it'll turn into the bidirectional black arrow) and move it to the left or right to find the necessary moment, when the blurry scene starts, without releasing the mouse button. While moving the arrow have a look at the Preview Area. As soon as you find this certain moment, release the mouse button. Then do the same with the right effect edge to find the moment, when the blurry scene ends.

You can use the Zoom slider to zoom in the video on the timeline in order to find the exact moments easily.

How to restore blurred video using AVS Video Editor? Step 2

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Step 3: Adjust the properties of the applied video effect

Click the Edit Effect button above the timeline to open the Video Effects window. Here you can adjust the sharpening level (the extent of the sharpen effect) and set the area within the video image to what the effect will be applied (in the Mask dropdown list).

Besides you can also make the effect gradually appear and disappear in the video. To do that click with the mouse within the blue bar shown in the figure below and press the Fade-in button button. So the Fade-in area will be marked. To set the Fade-out area, click with the mouse in another place and press the Fade-out button button.

How to restore blurred video using AVS Video Editor? Step 3

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Step 4: Playback the file to make sure the desired result is achieved

As soon as everything is done in order to improve your blurred video, you can preview the file with the applied effect to make sure you got the necessary result. Please, press the Play button button within the Preview Area of the same window to start playback.

How to restore blurred video using AVS Video Editor? Step 4

If you are completely satisfied with the result, click the OK button to accept all the changes and close the Video Effects window. Then you can save the current project, as well as the edited video file into one of the supported formats. To learn more about it, read the How to save the project and the video in AVS Video Editor? guide.

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