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Convert videos to gif in AVS Video Converter

GIFs aren‘t so trendy today, but people still love and use them when messaging, in web articles, social networks etc. Why?

  • Good for nonverbal communication — express emotions using a popular and funny movie scene.
  • Lightweight alternative to videos — imagine a collection of vids and a folder with GIFs. The difference may be measured in gigabytes!
  • Makes difficult things simple — many use GIFs in how-tos, articles and guides to show how something works. As you know, an (animated) picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Every time and everywhere — Noise around? You won‘t hear a word in a video. Sitting in a library? No loud sounds permitted. There are no such problems in GIFs because they‘re fully about seeing.
  • Easily accessible — GIFs can be displayed even with moderate Internet connection, while videos need rather stabile one.

Anyway, sometimes we want to have an animated image at hand. And here‘s how to make it in AVS Video Converter.

  1. Click the To GIF button at the Formats Tab of the Main Toolbar.
  2. Enter the Input File Name clicking the upper Browse button.
Convert videos to gifs in AVS Video Converter
  1. Enter the Output File Name clicking the lower Browse button.
  2. Select a GIF Profile. To edit the selected GIF profile or just preview Input and Output File properties, open the Conversion Options Tab by clicking the Advanced >> button.
  3. Choose the Convert Now! button.
  4. As soon as the conversion is completed, the following window pops up:
Video to gif conversion is completed

To open the folder containing the converted video file, play it back and check its quality, press the Open Folder… button. To close the Information window, press the Close button.

Convert your videos to GIFs in AVS Video Converter — it‘s absolutely free and easy!

Read more info about video to GIF conversion in AVS4YOU knowledge centre.

If you want to share further reasons to love GIFs or just have any extra questions to this topic, leave them in the comments below!