Video Converters: How to Get Free

What is a free video converter?

Under free video converters we usually understand non-commercial software that allows to change a file format into another one. Some of them have a rich set of features and include tools for video editing, taking screenshots, burning video onto a disc, creating menus for DVDs, etc. But what do we basically expect a free video converter to have?

  • All conversion features free;
  • Fast conversion of as many modern formats as possible;
  • Possibility to choose and modify the properties of the output video.

Most common paid functions

Generally speaking, the limitations given by quasi free video converters fall into two major groups – restrictions on features and advertisement. Let us take a closer look at each of the two.

Advertisement. Promotion of a full version is common for all software that actually has it. It is disappointing for users expecting a free converter that would save their time and money. But annoying ads suggesting you install third-party software are much worse – no one guarantees they are malware free and the links they contain will not collect your PC data.

Restrictions on features. Some converters set limitations on advanced tools that you probably don’t really need everyday, some of them let you work with just a couple of file extensions, and there are also programs that deny any unpaid access at all. Whatever these chargeable features are, they are not free. Let us see what features are most commonly restricted by popular converters that are considered free.

  • Watermark is mostly a transparent image with a logo of software you use to convert video. It is normally set in the center of the output video. So you don’t pay for a license, but still you involuntary promote the product that way. Watermark will be removed if you buy a license key.
  • Acceleration is available in some converters after purchasing a full version. This can speed up conversion and make it up to 30 times faster! Of course, users working with dozens of videos have to choose between time and money.
  • DVD conversion is another feature that is often unavailable for home use. Meanwhile, users still need it today, since hard discs are not so widely used and more prone to data losses than flash drives.
  • Limitations on the format and size of the output video are probably the most common and annoying. All settings are available free, but choose a file of more than 100 MB or some exotic extension – and you’ll need a full version.
  • Locked encode settings are another example of features disabled in free versions. They are probably not so important for those who are new to video encoding and don’t need to change the default audio and video configurations. And still it is chargeable.

Free AVS Video Converter

Taking into consideration all features of truly free converters listed above, AVS Video Converter meets them perfectly. Let us check it in a table below:

Free AVS Video Converter

All formats unlockedYes
No limitations on the file sizeYes
DVD conversionYes
Unrestricted speed of conversionYes
Variable settings of the output fileYes

*Watermark is set if you edit video before converting it.

To sum it up, all converting features are free in AVS Video Converter. Click the button below to enjoy this user-friendly video encoder.

Let us know what you use a video converter for and what features are the most important for you. Drop us a line in the comment section below!


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