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We are often being asked on how to increase the output video quality. So, please use the below tips if your output video file quality does not satisfy you in any way.

First of all I’d like to mention, that AVS4YOU software cannot increase the quality of the input file. In other words, if you have 480×320 frame video recorded on your phone and convert it to HD profile, the quality of that converted video will not be equal to HD video recorded on HD video camera.

Advanced settings of the input and the output

So, if you use AVS Video Converter and AVS Video Editor and wish to get the best possible output video quality, you’ll need to check the advanced settings of your input and output video files.

AVS Video Converter

What you have to do is set the output file settings so, that they match those of the input file. Click the Advanced button after selecting format for output video and set original frame size, bitrate and frame rate.

AVS Video Editor 

If you use AVS Video Editor, you’ll need to check the input file settings in media library first.

Then select those settings in Advanced settings when producing your project.

Slideshow Video

It is also important to use Video for Slideshow preset (MP4, AVI and M2TS formats), if you use AVS Video Editor to create video from photos or image files.

AVS Video Editor preview quality

In the end, I’d like to mention the preview quality in AVS Video Editor. Actually, by default AVS Video Editor creates cache for HD files after importing them, and playback the cached file on the preview, so the editing process may be more convenient. So, preview quality does not influence anyhow the output video quality.

It is possible to change the quality of the video preview both on the timeline and on media library by clicking on the Edit button on the top toolbar – choose Settings – General tab – Preview section: choose “High (Slowest)” in “Quality” drop down box to get the best available quality for the timeline video playback. Please note that processing/editing speed will be lower. If you check the option “Use original format in media library” – you will get the best available quality for the preview from media library.

Experiencing any problems with AVS software? Or maybe you have a question? Drop us a comment below!