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Dear users,

Thank you for choosing AVS4YOU, your inspiration, loyalty and trust, which motivates us to make our programs more user-friendly and your editing experience more enjoyable. Is AVS4YOU special offer in your Christmas wish list? Take a look at what AVS-Santa has got for you:

First, festive atmosphere may come to your home even before the New Year’s Eve! So make magic happen with a $ 29.00 gift card on AVS4YOU Unlimited Subscription until December 31.

Second, write a review of AVS Video Editor on and receive a gift certificate of your choice worth up to $20: Amazon, Visa, iTunes or Starbucks. Please submit your name and a relevant e-mail at until December 27 to confirm your participation.

Third, Christmas is about family. Get a free license key for AVS Video ReMaker 1 Year Subscription and share it with someone special.

May joy and love fill your hearts and homes these wonderful days. Stay tuned not to miss amazing upcoming updates and new exclusive offers!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!