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How to Convert MOV to MP4

Many people are surfing the Internet in order to find how to convert MOV to a more universally usable file type, like an MP4, because not all media players, devices, online file storage services, and websites support the MOV format. The best way is to convert your MOV files using a free MOV to MP4 converter, such as AVS Video Converter.

MOV vs MP4 file format

The MOV (QuickTime Movie) is a multimedia container that contains one or more tracks. MOV,  one of the oldest file standards, was developed by Apple and is used natively by the QuickTime framework. It enables to combine different types of multimedia data (video, audio, and text) and maintains the hierarchical structure.  

The MP4 (also known as MPEG-4 Part 14 or MPEG-4 AVC) is one of the most universal and standardized file formats that exist today. It is used on all kinds of devices, operating systems and supported across various video platforms. 

MOV and MP4 file formats both use the lossy video compression approach to store and share video files. They do not impact the quality of encoded video and just act like containers, so the choice of option depends mainly on where you use these two formats. Some media players and devices support MP4 format but are not able to open and play MOV files. Therefore, you need to check what formats are supported by standard media players on Android smartphones and Smart TVs, etc. Fortunately, it is becoming a rare case at present and the majority of modern devices support both containers.

Online or Desktop Converters    

It is quite confusing to choose the right tool for converting MOV to MP4 files. You can easily convert video files without downloading them with an online application. It may be helpful if you need to convert between popular video formats quickly without wasting time on the software installation. However, despite being so user-friendly, online converters have a couple of limitations – files must be no more than 100 MB, and you can only convert a maximum of 2 files during one session. Online tools offer limited conversion and editing capabilities, and their conversion speed depends on your internet connection.

Another way to convert MOV files is to use desktop mp4 converters like Free AVS Video Converter. It converts all widely used formats to mp4 and vice versa faster than online converters. It works with all video file sizes. Besides, batch conversion mode is available. 

Desktop MP4 converters are probably the most reliable and useful file conversion tools. However, using more advanced conversion and editing options can be confusing tasks for non-experienced users.   

MOV to MP4 Converter                               

If you are new to video encoding, following our step-by-step tutorial, you will be able to convert your video file to MOV format using AVS Video Converter.

One click is worth a thousand words – download Free AVS Video Converter now and convert your video files to all popular formats for free.

We hope this guide was useful to you. If you have any questions, please use the comment section below.


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