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FLV to MP4

FLV is a default format for Adobe Flash Player. This software was used to play multimedia content and stream videos across the web. Since 2021 Adobe no longer supports it and video makers can switch to other high-definition formats.

Why choose MP4

MP4 remains popular among Internet users for multiple advantages:

  • High video quality
  • Standard for YouTube and Vimeo
  • Streaming friendly
  • Smaller size
  • Supported by any media player
  • Best for smartphones and tablets

Got lots of FLV videos? Convert them to MP4 in free AVS Video Converter!

How to convert FLV to MP4

Follow these simple steps in AVS Video Converter:

  1. Click on the upper Browse… button to upload a FLV file.
  2. Click on the lower Browse… button to name the output video and define its location.
  3. Select To MP4 on the main toolbar.
  4. Open Profile to set video parameters for certain devices and goals.
  5. Go to Advanced>> to customize the output video properties. This option is recommended for experienced users only.
  6. Click on Convert Now!

Choose Open Folder to find your MP4 video.

Press Upload to save MP4 on a mobile or USB flash drive.

Convert your videos to the most popular format in free AVS Video Converter!

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